Global Life Science Executive Research & Talent Mapping Solutions

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Artemis Research Associates offers a range of complementary and bespoke research services to the life sciences industry.

Following extensive coaching by some of the most highly regarded trainers in the industry, the Artemis team have honed their research skills and have several hundred completed projects between them. Throughout every assignment they take a partnering approach, from the initial briefing to final delivery of the research report, ensuring a thorough understanding of each project to produce superior results.

Every assignment is treated sensitively with the utmost regard for confidentiality, whilst respecting any off-limits agreements clients may have. Pertinent market feedback is collected and reported back to the client as part of every research project.

Executive Search

Each executive search assignment starts with a detailed briefing.

  • Project documentaton is prepared as required, including job descriptions, assignment briefs and advertisements.
  • Target lists are generated by conducting thorough research into competitor organisations and all other relevant companies. The Artemis team utilise their knowledge and expertise to identify key companies in the target sectors, considering all possibilities in agreement with the client.
  • A mixture of telephone techniques and desk research is used to identify individuals and map relevant departments within the target organisations before approach calls are made.
  • Candidates are screened and qualified against the competencies of the job description before being presented to the client with findings and recommendations.
  • A completely flexible approach means that Artemis can offer any part of the above search process to clients as required.

Talent Mapping

Offers the client the opportunity to understand how relevant (best-in-class) organisations are structured for correct positioning of either the number (for functional teams), or calibre (for senior leadership roles) of individual(s) they intend recruiting.

  • Identification of key companies in the target space.
  • Creation of organograms; to include head-counts, structures, reporting lines etc.
  • Identification and profiling of 'rising stars'.
  • Assessment of current internal employees who maybe being considered for a future role, particularly if the client wishes to profile them prior to considering external candidates.
  • Benchmarking internal and external candidates.
  • Salary benchmarking.
  • Insights into the key issues affecting the target market.
  • Market intelligence.


Utilising the FILEFINDER executive search database, the Artemis team can tailor reporting requirements to meet the needs of their clients. Update reports are generally produced on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with project reviews occurring by conference call as often as necessary.

Please contact us for a more detailed discussion of your specific requirements.